What Murphy Could Do Better

Last week we talked about what a great job Murphy USA does with their customer engagement system.

This week we are going to take a more critical look at their process and see what they can do better. While Murphy is a great example of how to establish a customer engagement program, there are several thing you’ll want to change if you are following their example.

  1. Shorter Survey – Their survey was way, and I mean WAY too long! If I wasn’t so curious about the process they would have lost me about 4 questions into the survey.

    There are only two things that could keep the average customer plugging through a survey this long; 1) the prospect of $100 of free gas or 2) nearly insane curiosity about customer engagement.

    Most people don’t have #2, so I hope the possibility of $100 of free gas keeps customers plugging through Murphy’s survey.
    I wonder what their bailout rate is.

    Why not try just asking the Net Promoter question and why?
    I think they would see a lot more completed surveys if they did.

  2. They Didn’t Ask Me How To Improve – I’m sure Murphy already knows their customers’ key requirements, but it always makes me feel better as a consumer if you ask my opinion on what needs to be changed.

    Simply asking the Net Promoter Question and why would have covered this. If I was a raving fan, I’d tell them what to keep doing. If I was less impressed, I would have told them how to improve.

  3. Show Me You Listened – They didn’t show me what they do with my input. Yes, I wanted the shot at the free gas, but make me feel like a part of the team by telling me what you do with the feedback.

    Michael Hyatt is a great example of this with his annual reader survey. Each year his asks his readers for their opinions and suggestions and then writes a very detailed blog post stating what he learned and how he is going to change what he does because of what he heard.

    Three key things. He heard. He acted on what heard. He let his readers know that they were heard and that what they said was going to change how he does business.

    That is the golden rule of customer engagement. Listen. Act. Communicate.

What about you? How are you listening to your customers, acting on what they say and making sure they know that they were heard and that you are acting on what they said?

Thank you for being a part of our values driven community!

Image courtesy of www.kingsrs.com.