Write a Blog or …

… hold your 7 week old son against your chest as he sleeps – just watching him breathe.

I chose the latter and I think I’ll be happy with that decision for a lifetime, maybe longer.


There will always be more work to be done. Something you can do to advance your cause, make a little more money or some problem to fix.

But how often will you have the opportunity to hold your 7 week old son while he sleeps and just soak in the moment?

That is the struggle of this life. The urgent stuff screams at you day in and day out almost demanding your attention, but the important things can pass by with barely a whimper.

I like to imagine that I will die at the some very old age while doing a triathlon. Staying hard at living life until the Lord calls me home.

But, when I’m trying to make good long term decisions I imagine myself laid up in a hospital bed with tubes up my nose and IVs in my arm. Just waiting for death. What will I be thinking about? What will I be wishing I had spent more time doing? Those are things that matter and those things are generally relationships.

Relationships are the only things that are eternal.

Don’t get me wrong. I screw this up constantly running around to get more done, more off my list.

But holding my son last night when I could have been doing a million other things was a win. Big kudos to my amazing wife for suggesting it!

What about you? What important things are you ignoring to do the urgent?

Thank you for being a part of our values driven community!

 Images courtesy of Curt Fowler Photography.