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Values Driven Leadership eCourse

Values Driven Leadership is a course designed to help you lead your organization by finding your Core Purpose, creating an inspiring Vision and executing based on your Core Values. Don't know what those are yet? That's alright, we'll help you find them!

Get 5 Hours Back

True wealth is free time. This 30 page resource will help you get 5 hours back by next week. With over 20 ideas to help you stay focused, build better meetings and get better at saying no, this resource will help you build true wealth. Includes 3 free downloadable tools to help you implement the concepts.

7 Steps to Dynamic Growth

Is your business growing like it should or could? This 7 video eCourse will walk you through step by step to create the clarity required to be a fast growth company. Great material to help you fill out your One Page Strategic Plan.

Meetings That Work

Meetings stink. At least 98% of the one’s I’ve attended do. But, meetings can be one of the greatest tools to create organizational clarity and drive performance in your organization. This resource shows you how to do it right.

Christian Business Excellence

Less than 25% of Americans attend church regularly. That leaves 171 million people without an ongoing connection to the body of Christ. They don’t attend church, but most go to work – every day. That is an amazing opportunity to share Christ at work. But we must pursue excellence in our work if we want anyone to see Christ in us. This resource explains why.

5 Reasons Your Strategy is Not Working

Strategy is simply a plan to get from point A (where you are at today) to point B (where you want to be at a future date). A well planned and executed strategy should yield great returns for your organization, but most don’t. This resource shows you the top reasons why and what you can do about it.

One Page Strategic Plan

Quick – Do you know the #1 priority of your business right now? Would your team? Most strategic plans end up gathering dust and only opened 1x per year – at best. This tool will help you and your team stay focused on the most important priorities of your business and drive dramatic improvements in performance.

Executive Focus Model

Are ready to create more value in less time? Then it is time to stop doing the work you dread. As odd as it may sound, there is someone (most likely, many someones) who love to do the work you hate. They are specialists at it and they do it way better and much faster than you can. Use this model to find the work that you should STOP DOING so you can begin to hand it off to others. You will create more time to focus on the things you are great at, you'll create more value for your customers and you will be much HAPPIER!


This is Curt Fowler, founder and president of Fowler & Company. Our mission is to help Christian led companies become the best in their industries.

Why? Because we know that as we help these companies on their journey to excellence their influence will increase, they will become brighter lights attracting more customers, employees and suppliers. These leaders will then be able to point these people to Christ.

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