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Goodbye My Friend


A friend of mine from high school committed suicide this week. She is the second person from my relatively small group of high school friends to commit suicide. All I can think of is why, how and what? Why would a person consider suicide? How could they get that low and what could we have […]

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Accountability – Who Wants That?


“Accountability breeds response-ability.” Stephen R. Covey The answer – practically no one. Why? We all want the “freedom” to act in the way we want, based on our feelings at that time. The problem is that our “feelings” rarely take us to the place we want to go. For the great majority of the population, our […]

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The 9 Deadly Sins of Innovation


This is part 2 of our Lean Innovation Series. A startup, whether it is inside a larger organization or on its own, is not a smaller version of a full scale organization. A startup is really an idea in search of a scalable, repeatable and profitable business model. Therefore a full blown business plan is […]

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What’s Your Excuse?

Nick Jumping into Pool

I want to tell you about Nick. Nick surfs, skydives, swims, golfs, plays football and can even do a backflip off a diving board. Pretty impressive – right? Nick also has no arms and no legs. Nick surfs with famous people. He got married last year. This year he and his wife had their first […]

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You’ve Got To See This!


Made you look didn’t I? Turns out, 65% of Americans are visual learners. That means you are missing at least 65% of your audience with your “memos”. This is the solution. By the way, this is part 3 of our “How to Execute Strategy” series. We’ve already discussed that we set way too many goals, […]

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Do Customers Buy Because of Your Core Values?


Absolutely – according to a recent Harvard Business Review Article. (BTW – if you were expecting the next episode of our Lean Innovation series, it will be back next week!) As we’ve discussed in previous posts, customers buy brands and they pay more for brands that they want to be associated with. But, it’s not […]

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Be For Something, Not Just Against Everything


I am loving all the Biblical movies coming out these days. I think they have the power to reintroduce a generation to the bestselling book of all time and generate tons of great conservations about this amazing book. What is concerning me is how the Christian community seems so quick to find something to be […]

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Measure What Matters


This is part 2 of our “How to Execute Strategy” series. “What’s measured improves.” – Peter Drucker No truer words have ever been spoken and Peter said a lot of great things, relevant in business and life. Think about measurement in your personal life and the results. Finances: How good are your friends at saving […]

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How Lean Innovation Changes Everything

The Loop

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson That one quote can be used to sum up the entirety of the “lean start-up” or “lean innovation” movement. As business people, we spend far too much time on our plans and not enough in front of the customer making sure […]

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Just Slow Down…


Life’s richest moments are found in enjoying the little things, not just getting another item crossed of our to-do list. Honestly, you’ll never get to the bottom of your list and you’ll never have the opportunity to repeat today with your child or loved ones. Take a few minutes to read the post below from […]

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