How We Help

You want your organization to prosper and to increase in value. The only way to do that is by eliminating the common internal problems businesses face such as lack of vision, poor strategy, lack of execution and fighting fires instead of building your business.  That is what I want to help you do.curt-speaking


We help our clients in three areas of focus.

Strategy + Execution: Without a solid vision for your business, you don’t have much to work with. I’m here to help you develop an air-tight strategy so you know what your next steps are.

Performance Excellence: The factors that can cause poor workplace performance are many. I hope to help you create and implement long term solutions that will eliminate these factors and keep them from reoccurring.

Executive Coaching: I help your executives and teams align behind the company’s strategy and achieve the results you desire.

Strategy + Execution

Business Strategy Development and Execution

To increase the value of your business, you must have a clear strategy for the future.  Values Driven Strategy (VDS) takes a different approach from most strategy practitioners.  VDS does not start with a two day off-site to set a strategy that will be brought back and showered over the troops.  VDS starts with who the company really is right now.  Through interviews and surveys we discover what the true operating systems of the organization are today.  What are the true core values that drive business decisions in your organization?  What is the purpose of the organization as seen by the employees and your customers?

Only once we have an understanding of the true core values and core purpose of the organization can we begin to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the industry you work in and the customers and suppliers who support the work you do.

All of these factors will lead to the strategy which contains the vital few objectives that your organization must achieve to create the results you desire.  A VDS plan is based on who the company is today, not a fictional company that you would love to be some day.  This realistic approach makes execution and alignment behind the strategy a logical next step rather than a leap towards the unknown.

Performance Excellence

Drive Execution

From Capital Management to the Customer Experience, every system must align with the strategy of the organization. Measurement tools and performance guidelines must light the path to the sought after results and provide check points along the way.

Fowler & Company will help you create, update and alter the systems necessary to align your day to day actions to the results desired.

Below are some of the problems that can cause poor performance in your organization that we help you solve.

• Fighting fires instead of building your business
• Poor execution
• Absence of focus
• Lack of accountability
• Sub-par communication among management and teams
• Low employee morale
• Drawn out meetings with few tangible results

Fowler & Company helps you manage the tyranny of the urgent and get the things done in your organization that will take you to the next level.

Executive Coaching

Live Your Values

Simply put – coaching picks up where consulting drops you off. Management is the day in and day out execution of the plans and goals of the organization despite the daily firefighting that exists in all organizations. We all go to work in what seems like a tornado of daily distractions. Keeping your focus on the goals that matter is always extremely difficult. Why? Because the goals and activities that can have the greatest long-term impact on your organization are rarely urgent. Coaching helps your management teams execute on the big picture goals of the company despite the daily distractions.

Coaching is personal and hands on. Coaching is where the real learning occurs within your organization. We all know that we learn much more by doing than we do by watching. At Fowler & Company, we walk with your executives to focus on the tasks that bring the greatest value to the organization while developing the systems to minimize the daily, urgent distractions.

Our team’s ability to coach executives and help them achieve more comfort and control in their positions as well as optimize their influence and management skills benefits everyone in your organization from the bottom to the top.

Why us?

We are dedicated to increasing the value of your company.  That is why we exist.

We do not arrive at your organization with a team of young consultants like we are storming the beaches at Normandy.  We listen.  We learn about your organization and your specific opportunities, goals and concerns.  We then team with your people to develop and execute solutions.  Solutions that are sustainable and that will create lasting value in your organization.

Curt Fowler has over 15 years of experience helping organizations just like yours thrive. From Fortune 500 firms to regional players and non-profits, Curt’s expertise has been widely sought out.

No matter the business, Curt has always had a lasting impact on every firm he’s worked with – a testimony to his knowledge, professionalism, and ability to interact warmly with teams of workers and leaders.

Curt trained with the best at the Kellogg School, where he received his MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.  Being also a CPA gives Curt a unique perspective on the numbers that drive your business.  Curt recognizes the challenges you face every day, because he’s been in the trenches, working side-by-side with people like you.