Curt is an inspirational speaker whose engaging approach calls his audience to action…

– Randy Rathman – President

Finding the right speaker for your event can be a monumental task. My hope is that this web page can help you determine if I am the right speaker for your next occasion.

Thanks for your interest in allowing me to help your organization meet the strategic goals of your next event.

What are the strategic objectives of your meeting?

As an executive or an association, meetings are a means to an end. You have issues that need to be surmounted or you have new ground to cover. Curt invests the time and effort necessary to understand your objectives and determine how he can help you deliver the desired outcomes.

Why Curt Fowler?

Curt is an expert in helping leaders maximize the value of their organizations by leveraging the power of their core values. His years of study and experience provide his audiences with real world solutions that they can implement immediately. His inspiring and engaging style is entertaining and informative.



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My Most Requested Topics

Creating Your Personal Life Plan

The Economics of Values : In today’s business environment, values are seen much more as excess baggage than the incredible asset that they are. In this presentation Curt debunks the myth that values in an organization are economic limiters and shows how they can and should be your key strategic asset.


The Values Driven Workforce : Face the facts. The last time you had to fire someone was it due to a lack of ability or a lack of values like work ethic or integrity? Across the nation leaders are agreeing that their worst hires were made because they failed to hire based on competence and character. In this talk, Curt shows leaders how to hire for values, reduce turnover and dramatically increase employee and customer engagement.


How to Shave 10 Hours Off Your Work Week

Values Driven Execution : Across businesses of all sizes, great strategic plans fail to be executed. In this presentation, Curt shows leaders the primary causes of poor execution and how putting core values at the center of your strategy drives alignment and execution.


The Importance of the Leader's Heart

The Values-Culture-Brand Connection : Brands are no longer delivered to customers via the old channels of mass media. Today, brands are experienced. In this talk, Curt shows business leaders how to create and preserve a culture that produces the brand experience that your customers desire.


What will you get when you hire Curt?

  1. A presentation prepared specifically for your audience that is designed to meet the goals of your event.
  2. A discussion between your team and ours to clarify your objectives for the event and determine how we can best accomplish them.
  3. If requested, Curt will publicize your event on his website and social media outlets.
  4. A discussion after the event to make sure your needs were met and to get your feedback.
  5. Replies to all phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my speaking page. If you’d like check my availability please click on the button below. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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